Comprehensive Apple

Sale and Repair Services


Your Reliable Source for Re-Certified Apple Products

Florida Coastal Computer Sales & Services, Inc. provides comprehensive sales and repair services for re-certified Apple products.
We have service agreements available for the following:
  • RAM upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades
  • Screen replacements
  • Sales and services
  • Accessories
  • Clean-ups 
Give us a call at 386-246-2246 (Palm Coast, FL) or 386-202-2477 (St. Augustine, FL) for inquires


A+ Certified

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Make The Switch

Are you thinking of switching to an Apple computer? Now is the perfect time to do that with Florida Coastal Computers Sales & Services’ amazing trade-in offer.


Trade in your Windows computer and get a $400.00 discount on an iMac or a MacBook Pro, normally priced at $1200. Act NOW and save big! 


This offer is available at our Palm Coast location only. Call us at 386-246-2446